What Are Smart Pumps Used For? 

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Sometimes errors can occur when it comes to intravenous infusions that can cause harm to ones body. There is a new type of infusions pump that can help medical nurses in regards to improving workflow of blood, or medication errors that occur. What this pump does is help those that have trouble finding a vein when it comes to withdrawal of blood or delivering a certain type of medication through the vein itself. These type of pumps are capable of delivering a certain type of fluid in a large or a small amount, as well as delivering nutrients or medications needed for the patient that is having problems. Some type of deliveries needed to the patient are insulin, antibiotics to fight off infections located inside the body, pain relievers needed for a patient that is suffering through certain issues with their health that is causing a lot of pain which helps alleviate the pain, and certain chemotherapy drugs. 

Smart Pumps Provide Safety Concerns 

This pump provides a lot of safety benefits that improves the patients safety, and has been approved through the American Society Of Health. The main reasoning for using a Smart IV Pump was to help prevent potentially fatal infusions or under fusions, helping nurses establish help on drug concentration and dosing units. Back in 2008, 52% of hospitals began using this type of pump, and back in 2017 the percentage rate has jumped up to 84% which is a big change. This smart pump is very helpful and convenient towards nurses that are taking care of people in critical condition, and having to jump up and get to a patient that is calling them for their medication can take up a lot of time with other things that need to be accomplished. If someone is in critical care fighting for their life, and a patient will call a bell for their medication because their time is up. This can be stressful towards the nurses trying to get other people taken care of. Not only that, sometimes a nurse might give a little bit extra of a dose, and not realize that little bit extra they thrown in there which can cause an overdose or a certain type of reaction to the patient. If a nurse happens to give a dose that is slightly less than what milligram that is needed for a patient, sometimes the patient doesn’t feel the medication, if it’s a pain relieving medicine, and when this happens a patient that calls back again, most occasions cannot get the difference of the medication that was under dosed because it’s their word over the nurse. 

IV Pumps Are A Necessity

This is where the IV Pump comes into play. The IV Pump will do the work for the nurses and provide the medication needed to the patient with the correct dose and the correct time for the patient. This will help with the work flow for nurses so it gives them time to handle more serious issues rather than dosing patients. This pump will give the exact amount needed so a patient cannot complain about the dose settings because they will be precise. 

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