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Feel like you are running low on energy? Not looking your best anymore? Testosterone may be just what you need! Are you a man who is concerned with aging? Maybe you want to look your best for that next board meeting. Revitalized and younger? Consider Testosterone. How do you know if you need testosterone? What is Testosterone and what does it do for you? Read on to find out! 

Testosterone is a hormone men create in their testicles. The essence of being a man. As you age, this hormone isn’t as abundant as it was in your youth. It is vital for your bone density, fat distribution (hello love handles!), muscle strength and body hair production. Most important though? Sex drive! Testosterone is responsible for all those things. 

How do you know if you need testosterone? What are the warning signs that you are low? One of the first markers is a low sex drive. Still in love but just not interested in sex? Probably low in that hormone. Having problems sleeping? Rolling over a lot and just not feeling yourself? Losing your hair? This all may be low testosterone. Just as women start losing the hormone estrogen when they age, men may lose testosterone. 

What can you do about it? First step is to see your doctor. A simple blood test will determine if you are lacking testosterone. Normal levels for men vary, but run between 400 and 900. If you are not comfortable going to your doctor, there are many websites you can order a lab test from. If you are in low T, then there are many options for any Anti Aging Testosterone Treatment Services doral fl. There are also web pages for you to peruse if you are curious. Mayo Clinic is one. 

Options for treatment range from bioidentical testosterone replacement therapy that is injected, a hormone replacement cream that you rub into your skin, or under your arms, a pellet that you get injected under the skin for constant hormone release and a pill you take under your tongue to get it directly into the blood stream. Any and all of these options may work for you! The treatment is usually referred to as TRT treatment. 

What can you expect when you start low T therapy? For a in depth review I would recommend this web site What I Learned, but immediate effects should be a better mood, increased libido, more energy throughout the day, less risk of osteoporosis and possibly some weight loss. You will look better, be able to build muscle easier and feel better all around. 

Convinced to give it a try? Call your doctor and make an appointment today. Feel better, look younger and revitalize your life. Low T can affect many aspects of your body, especially your bones. Do your research, visit the recommended websites and decide for yourself if it’s right for you. With so many options available, something is bound to work for you. Let testosterone make you feel young and vital again!

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