An Inside Look At Your Body

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When your doctor needs to see some of the details inside your body that an X-ray might not be able to detect, then a special scan might be ordered. An ultrasound is painless and gives your doctor a better view of almost any area of your body, such as your liver, your veins, or your stomach. For many women who are pregnant, this imaging scan can give the doctor a better view of the baby and possibly the gender of the baby. 

Before arriving at any Mesa AZ ultrasound facility, you will discuss the process with your doctor and learn more about why the scan is being completed. Some doctors have the equipment in the office so that you don’t need to go to a different location. In order to better prepare for the scan, you need to know which area of the body will be examined. 

An abdominal ultrasound will show better results if you avoid eating a lot of fatty foods the day before your appointment. You might be asked not to eat or drink anything at all for about 12 hours before your scan so that there is nothing in your stomach or intestines, giving your doctor a clear view as to what’s going on inside your abdomen. If you’re having a pelvic ultrasound performed, then you can usually eat as you normally would without any restrictions. It’s often suggested to drink about 32 ounces of water before your appointment as this can yield the best images. Your bladder usually needs to be full in order for your doctor to see the details of the pelvic region that are of concern. 

If you’re pregnant and have an ultrasound appointment, you don’t need to change your diet. You can take any medications before the appointment. As with a pelvic ultrasound, the best results are usually seen if you have a full bladder. You should also have a full bladder if you’re going to have an ultrasound of your kidneys. You can drink any kind of beverage as long as you don’t empty your bladder before your appointment. This will give your doctor a better view of the structure of the kidneys and other areas of the abdomen along with how these areas are functioning. 

Sometimes, your doctor will use ultrasound as a guide for performing various medical procedures. The images seen on the screen will allow your doctor to determine where to insert various tools that are used and where the issue is in your body so that the best results are achieved. You shouldn’t take any medications that have aspirin in them before the procedure. Once you’re sedated, your doctor will insert the tools that are used to perform the biopsy or the other procedure, looking at the ultrasound screen to ensure that the tools are in the correct position. Cyst aspiration is a common procedure that is performed using this kind of guidance along with removing small areas of tumors so that you don’t need to have surgery unless it’s needed at a later time.


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