Is a big tummy what is making me less confident?

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Having a tummy tuck surgery in Poland

Having a big tummy can be a big problem, especially when it comes to a person’s self-esteem and confidence. People can tend to be very busy with the life activities that they can sometimes pile fat and develop tummy and not even notice. Tummy fat has devastating and dangerous effects if it is not taken seriously. Big belly comprises of Visceral fats bordering other internal organs. This fat is usually hazardous as it can give rise to other diseases such as dementia, depression, and even cancer.

Cosmetic surgery of the body
Usually, a lot of people experience discomfort with how their bodies look like. Because of this, many people tend to go on and seek professionals for aesthetic surgeries procedures which enhances their bodily image. There are several procedures which include;
Breast uplift
Reduction of breast size
Breast enlargement
Inner thigh lift

Long ago the idea of flying to Poland for medical surgery was very bad because it brought up bad images such as being amputated on maybe your right leg and what you wanted treatment for was an ingrowing toenail. But long gone are those days because today, Poland offers access to highly professional medical services for a much lower price than other European countries. And people, tourists are flying in to get these services.

Berry tuck
A berry tuck, also known as abdominoplasty, is an operation which is typically its target is to get rid of excess skins and tissue from the abdomen’s lower part. Currently, there are many tummy tuck procedures available that are meant to suit the patient’s needs and wish. In general, a tummy tuck is used when one wants to get rid of excess skin after significant weight loss; hence, abdominoplasty is not suitable for overweight individuals.

Signs you are a potential abdominoplasty patient
This operation is done to a patient who is healthy and fit. The perfect patient is one whose weight is slightly healthy. You can undergo abdominoplasty surgery if you have the following conditions
A protruding abdomen which is not marching with your other parts of your body
Excess fatty tissues concentrated around your abdomen
Sagging or excess abdomen skin
Weakened or separated abdominal muscles.
Procedures of abdominoplasty

The best berry tuck procedure is chosen depending on your abdomen appearance, these are;
Mini abdominoplasty
This operation is done on people with less amount of skin residue skin; a lesser abdominoplasty may be relevant. On the process of this operation, a wedge of skin and fat is cut off from the lower tummy which leaves a horizontal scar just above the pubic hair. At other times the skin is typically tightened. The umbilicus is slightly stretched into a different shape; hence, no injury is left.

Full abdominoplasty
Patients with a larger laxity on skin, excess fats as well as separated muscles, a full abdominoplasty is a common procedure. Through this operation, an incision is made from one hip to another and also the surrounding umbilicus. The excess fat and skin are cut off from above the umbilicus to nearly above the pubic hair; hence, the muscles located above and below the umbilicus become tighter. This skin is then removed, and the skin that was above the belly button is sewn to where you other skin was brought down.


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