Are Veterinarians Checking Out These Three Hot Trends?

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The medical field is becoming increasingly high-tech and the field of veterinary medicine is no exception. Just like humans, pets are becoming spoiled with the advancements in technology, alternative medicines and cyber-communications and local veterinarians are beginning to jump on board. There are some hot new trends that are popping up around the country and even a veterinarian in seattle will agree that these new advances will make pets and homeowners swoon. 

Pet Fitness Trackers

Love your Fitbit? Now you can track how many miles your pet is putting on their paws with new fitness trackers. As pets begin to age, it is important to make sure that they are getting the right amount of exercise. These devices are placed around the neck like a collar and track a pet’s step just like a pedometer. They can measure heart rate also, which helps if your pet is struggling with a medical condition. 
The information is collected and displayed on an app on your phone allowing you to track your pet’s activity. This is especially useful information if you are looking to provide your vet with specific information about how much your pet is exercising. 


If you are a pet owner and you can’t get to the vet right away, an answer to a simple question, even if it is visual, might just be a click away. Many veterinary clinics (just like hospitals) are turning to telemedicine during outside hours. This way, animal owners both large and small can utilize their webcams to contact their local vet, display the cause of concern with the camera on their device, and give their provider some needed information. 

Many times, a vet can diagnose the cause of the ailment from sight alone, or they can recommend further instructions based on what they see. This prevents a lot of unnecessary trips to the vet and emergency vet bills, and is much more convenient and cost-efficient.

Stress Reduction Medicine

Pets that suffer from anxiety causing situations, for example thunder and lightning storms, are benefiting from many new medications such as CBD oil. There are many other medications that are being used for stress reduction to help limit the production of Cortisol, which also assist in weight management in some breeds. This hot new trend is just as popular amongst pets as it is among new age millennials who are struggling to keep pace with the chaotic pace of today’s life. 

There are a number of other trends to keep your eye on for the upcoming year including genetic testing for rare diseases, emotional pet services, smart technology and tracking devices, and more shopping online. Vets love the convenience of these new trends that are helping their offices, and that are making the lives of pets and their homeowners much more efficient and comfortable. As times continue to change, so do veterinary practices. If you have any questions about what is right for your pet, it is always best to discuss these concerns with your vet first. 

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