Acing the Pilates reformer apparatus…

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The intimidating machine

Pilate reformer apparatus is quite intimidating. The big metal frame is little bit scary. It feels like being in the middle of complicated cog factory. People usually get nervous about getting on it. They fear getting into some awful tied up position, with not being able to escape. They are sometimes unsure whether they can do all the pulling. Nevertheless with proper trainers, like in our facility, it is an enjoyable experience.

For beginners, you need to decide how much pulling you want to do. The springs are there to work towards resistance. The instructor finds the right settings for your capacity. Breathing deeply is the first step to starting Pilates. You need to pay attention to your breathing throughout. You need to breathe as much as you would do in any other exercise.

Beginner level tips

When you are in lying down position, focus on your position. The position of your spine is more important than anything else. When you elevate your knees parallel to your ground, pop a ball between your knees. You are not to squeeze it too hard. Rather, you can squeeze it a little bit, where you are stable. It’s recommended to attend at least three classes at a beginner level.

Now it’s time to start pulling on the spring. Bring your hands down with control. The movement drives you laterally. You are working stability and control at a starter level. Except the limbs, no part of your body is moving. Barring the muscle around the bones, the rest of the body is stable. The legs start hurting when you hold the position for longer.

The golden wisdom with Pilates is you get better with age. Your breathing process advances as you progress. It’s recommended to wear sticky socks for Pilates. However, you can always go barefoot as well. Tight clothing is preferred till it doesn’t affect your breathing. Do not wear any ornaments, belts or carry accessories.

Pilates is not meant to be torturous. If you have trouble holding your knees upwards, you can place your foot down on the bar. Use your feet to work on the spring. Maintain smooth lateral movement. It’s all about the control, more than anything else. Let your trainer know whenever you are feeling difficulties. Challenge yourself not at the cost of extreme physical pain or discomfort.

The reason why we say that is because Pilates is as much about the mind as it is about the body. Difference between it and other exercises is how much you have to concentrate on your body. You will have to focus throughout the class. It is the breath that is very tricky. You want to clicked up all the time.

Once you have done all lateral movements, it time to work in side positions. You have to move slowly and gain control. It’s the control that determines your strength. Once you are set, what feels like a weird rowing machine turns into a comfort couch. Keep track of spring settings that reflect how flexible you are at it. For more tips check out Pilates reformer blog and the beginner Pilates classes by Core Collective.

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