Getting Your Child To Overcome Dental Phobia

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One of the most common chronic diseases that many children face in the U.S. are actually tooth decay. Tooth decay can happen to any child at any age, regardless of how old they are. Even though your child may have a dental routine established, your child could still face dental issues such as tooth decay and severe cavities. According to the CDC, statistics show more than 20 percent of young children between the ages of 5 and 11 years old have at least one decayed tooth that continues to be left untreated. Statistics also show that approximately more than 13 percent of adolescents between 12 and 19 years old have at least one tooth that is decayed and untreated. Fortunately, it is important to know that tooth decay is completely preventable with taking the right steps with better oral hygiene. One of the major problems that many children tend to face is having dental phobia. Because many children experience dental phobia and fears, many of them completely neglect going to the dentist to receive the treatment and or preventive care that they need to keep a healthy mouth. Parents are now able to assist their child in decreasing their dental phobia by simply finding them a dentist that they can confide in and trust.

According to WebMD, more than 9 and 20 percent of people in the U.S. currently struggle with having dental anxiety and phobia. Because going to the dentist involves slightly invasive procedures such as use of dental tools that into your mouth, it can be frightening for most children. It can be frightening for actually everyone of all ages to trust another individual to place some sort of instrument into your mouth and not feel uncomfortable or feel pain. It is definitely understandable for why children feel the way they do when it comes to dental anxiety or phobia. Parents have the opportunity to allow their children to overcome their phobia and fears when going to the dentist by simply getting them to feel comfortable. One of the things that you can do to help your child feel comfortable is to find a dental facility where they can feel trust in. When your child is able to build trust for your dental facility, they are able to relax and feel more common going to their appointments.

There are a number of professional pediatric dental care facilities that are more than willing to help you and your child overcome any dental phobia that may arise. Many professional pediatric facilities even offer children educational videos, video games, a small play area and even offer special treats after they are done with their dental appointments. Take time to conduct research online in order to find your nearest professional pediatric dental care facility by looking up a pediatric dental care thornton co pro. 

Getting your child to overcome their dental phobia can be a challenge. For many parents, dealing with a fearful child can be also hard to cope with, especially if you have other children you have to assist and worry about. Find your child a dental facility that specializes in treating children in order for them to build trust and comfortability in their dental facility.

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