Could Marijuana Smokers Have A Higher Risk For Oral Problems

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With the growing popularity of Marijuana today the medical community is finding this drug useful in many ways. However, the dental community says marijuana use increases the risk for gum disease. According to professionals at one dental office milwaukie or marijuana consumers should increase their visits for oral exams. It’s clear when it comes to cannabis, consumers have a hard time imagining the potential negative consequences of using it. And studies confirm a wide range of benefits when using the drug, but researchers at Duke University say one health consequence of smoking marijuana is periodontal disease. 

Periodontal Disease Causes And Effects 

Periodontitis or periodontal disease is one of the most common chronic diseases in adults. The gums around the teeth become extremely inflamed, causing them to retract from the teeth, creating so-called pockets. Bacteria builds up in these pockets, which then extends deep into gingival tissues causing loss of connective tissue and eventually affecting the bone. This causes the loosening and loss of teeth. Researchers say as smoke enters the oral cavity, bacterial deposits enter into the mucous membranes, and then into the lungs and bloodstream, causing the veins to contract. The result: The mucous membrane and the gums are no longer well supplied with blood, and the immune system must find other means of defense. This reduces the immune system, including the gums and the entire oral cavity, which increases the risk of periodontal disease. 

When Your Jawbone Starts To Shrink 

Because smoking weakens the immune system, the gums also become more susceptible to long-lasting inflammation. Over time, this ultimately damages the jawbone and makes it shrink. At some point you can no longer support the teeth, your bite no longer has strength, and finally, the tooth or teeth begin to loosen and fall out. 

Our bones are subject to constant modification. Some are permanently degraded, while in other places of the body bone is newly formed. Bacterial inflammation can trigger the processes leading to bone loss. Favorable factors like smoking, high alcohol consumption, a lack of nutrition, medication intake, tooth misalignment, teeth grinding, immune diseases, genetic predisposition, diabetes mellitus, gender, and age all factor into tooth loss. However, dentists say when causes are eliminated, like smoking, and adequate dental checkups, problems can be detected early and a remedy can be put into place. 

Smokers Don’t See Initial Symptoms 

Dentist says initially, inflamed gums of smokers do not bleed. This is because nicotine causes the veins to narrow. Blood is a typical warning sign of periodontitis. If this warning sign is missing, the problem is not recognized so quickly. Thus the reason for additional dental checkups. 

Correcting Oral Problems From Smoking 

It’s easy to prevent many calamities by simply paying more attention to careful oral hygiene. And in many cases, bone grafting or osteogenetic transplants can often rebuild bone that is lost or initiate bone regeneration. But the biggest prevention method is having your teeth examined and cleaned thoroughly. If you’re a regular marijuana smoker, professionals say it’s even more important to have your teeth and gums checked regularly instead of waiting until some processes are irreversible.


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