Overview of Chiropractors and Chiropractic Treatment

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Chiropractic medicine is a alternative form of medicine for individuals who experience muscle skeletal pain particular in the spine. This is most commonly used as an alternate to drugs for people with chronic back or neck pain. Approximately 22 million people visit the chiropractor annually in which over 35% of the cases are related to back pain. Back pain can be due to multiple reasons like long hours in the office sitting on chairs, sports injuries, accidents or any other muscle strains. 

Chiropractors perform hands on spinal manipulation to relieve the pressure and pain around the specific area. This is a cost effective way to treat chronic long term back pain. Studies have shown patients with chronic back pain getting relief from chiropractic treatment, however it was not very effective with individuals with acute short term back pain. 

A chiropractor focuses on the management of neuromusculoskeletal system of the body without the help of medicines. Usually, a individual visits a chiropractor when he is in pain. The chiropractor will first perform a physical assessment and take his past medical history and will ask if the patient had any imaging done like MRI, CT scans or X-rays. Then will later decide the treatment course to take further. The treatment plan will consist of one or more manual manipulation or adjustments. Manipulation or adjustment is when the chiropractor use a controlled amount of force on a specific area of the body to improve locomotion, quality of motion and help reduce pain the individual is experiencing. 

In a survey in 2009, 73% chiropractors identified themselves as “back and neck specialists”. The World Health Organization (WHO) considers chiropractors to be Complimentary and Alternate Medicine (CAM). Chiropractors are generally not allowed to write prescriptions or perform any major surgeries, however New Mexico has become the first US state to allow chiropractors to practice “advance medicine” and therefore write prescriptions. Another field is veterinarian chiropractic which practices chiropractic medicine on animals and is recognized in 40 states in the United States however it is not recognized by the American Chiropractic Society. 

The WHO declared chiropractic safe when handled by a skillful professional. There is still not enough data to guarantee the safety of this practice. At worst, there has been some cases that resulted in herniated or disc slip or even spinal injury. In the United States over 90% of chiropractors perform manipulations or adjustments. Its been noted that patients seem more satisfied and content after chiropractic treatment compared to after visiting a doctor. Any Chiropractor Melbourne FL residents are familiar with will tell you that their aim is to provide affordable care for the whole family. Multiple services are offered like spinal manipulation in general, for pediatrics, and geriatrics. 

Chiropractic practice is generally the third largest medical profession in the United States in 2002. That is following physicians and dentists. Most HMO insurances covers chiropractic visits and the scope and job availability for chiropractors are rising. 


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