What is Plantar Fasciitis and How to Treat it

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The feet are one of the most frequent injured body parts in humans. Whether that injury is sports related or can be related to illnesses such as arthritis and diabetes. One of the most common foot injuries dealt with in the United States is plantar fasciitis. This injury affects over three million people in the United States each year alone. 

Plantar fasciitis can be defined as inflammation to and around the heel. Pain is felt in the heel and is common for runners. This pain is often experienced in the first few steps of the day, and can subside once the person affect is up and moving for the day. But plantar fasciitis can flare up from lots of movement or lots of standing around. People who weigh more, are more likely to suffer from plantar fasciitis. The cause is often unknown, but many life factors play a significant part in the development of it. As previously stated, weight, occupation, and activities that cause lots of stress on the feet can contribute to plantar fasciitis. When seeking treatment for foot pain believed to be plantar fasciitis, it is advised to book an appointment with a podiatrist pasadena md. Podiatrist, or a person who treats feet, can help diagnose you and create a plan of action for treatment. 

There are many used treatments for plantar fasciitis, most widely and popular are custom made orthotics. These orthotics are simply shoe inserts that can help with high arches or flat feet, which are both thought to be common causes of plantar fasciitis. These orthotics can be a good treatment for some, but can also be expensive and don’t always work. Another common treatment for plantar fasciitis is a variety of therapies. Things such as stretching can be important for healing the foot, also included in some cases is the recommendation of physical therapy. Stretching and physical therapy can help strengthen the muscles in the feet, making them more resistant to problems in the future. 

Applying ice and resting the problem foot(s) can also be very beneficial. Using a medical night splint to help support and stretch the foot at night is also used as a treatment. Lot’s of medicines can be involved when treating plantar fasciitis also. If the pain is difficult to manage, pain medications can and sometimes are prescribed. Also prescribed are anti-inflammatory medications. These are used to reduce the swelling that is a main factor in plantar fasciitis. If the plantar fasciitis is severe enough surgery may be required. But 90% of patients are able to find relief without surgery. Visiting a podiatrist is highly recommended, they can help prescribe medications and other treatments. 

With so many cases of plantar fasciitis in the United States alone, the treatment of feet has become more of an issue. There are many treatment options that are involved with plantar fasciitis, and often, for healing to take place many of the methods listed can be combined to help the process. It’s always advised to meet with a podiatrist to have the best treatment plan for you individually.


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