The Use of Doing Dialysis at Home

Mike Pepper reads the paper while undergoing a dialysis treatment in his home Wednesday morning. He receives the treatment each day for two hours. (Jill Peitzmeier)
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There are many reasons a person might have to do dialysis. It’s a hard thing to encounter no matter the person regardless of age or any other factors doctors might say plays a part in deciding who gets placed on this. While it used to be a patient could only do dialysis in the hospital or an outpatient clinic, medicine has evolved and thus, dialysis patients can now do dialysis at home. While this might seem odd or nerve wrecking for some, there are some good benefits to doing this in your home. 

Time and Comfort 

It’s safe to say we all know the top reason one might choose to do home dialysis. The biggest reason being that a person can be comfortable. The outpatient clinics people used to have to go to still had to maintain certain clinical standards and with that in mind, they did the best they could to make sure it was comfortable for the person receiving the treatment. However, nothing beats sitting in your own chair in the comfort of your own home. This also saves time as you can choose when to do this and how often you want to do it as well. There is no more traveling a person had to do when it comes to this treatment. 

Saving a Bit of Money 

Money is something a person has to consider when it comes to issues with their kidneys. You are already spending a great amount of money with tests they have to run and the doctors’ appointments you must go to as well as other bills that might be piling up. When a person chooses to do this in the home, they save some money when it comes to travel. It’s one less place you have to go to which that money you save can all add up greatly. 

Better Chances 

People who choose to do this in their home are more in tune with their body. While when you go to an outpatient facility and dealing with insurance, they might limit you as to how many times you can go to treatment. Many times, the people who are doing this at home can tell when they need to do this, and it might be more often than what any insurance company would like to pay for. This isn’t something you have to worry about. You can do it as often as you’d like. This gives a person a better outcome and a better quality of life as it’s a treatment they need. 

If this is something you would like to consider if you are doing dialysis, it’s encouraged that you talk to your doctor. It has been a bit of fresh air for everyone and it’s pretty simple to do. Take back your life and don’t let renal failure keep you from living what life you have left. Take your treatment into your own hands as many would have loved to do back before this was even an option. 

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