Mental Traps That Prevent You Achieve Your Academic Goals

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If you are having the thought that you are not good at academics, you need to find the core reason for such a thought to break your mental trap. Here are some of those ideas and tips to surmount all the obstacles in your way of achieving your academic goals. This article is a good start to give you a boost as it will work for you as an academic counseling session.

I don’t give time.

If you think it’s very likely to have left everything to the end, it is still worth a try because it’s the only thing you can do if you want to achieve your academic goals. If you have little time, start by looking at the study material to find the most important parts and focus on them, trying to understand best and learn well. If you have only learned half the material well, you already have enough material to get through.

I have understood, but I get to learn it.

To have the study material stay in your mind, it is important that you integrate it as part of what you know. Describe it in your own words and associate it with things you already know to have more meaning for you. Also, try to make sense and meaning to what you study. For example, if you are studying math vectors and you don’t know what may have practical utility, it’ll be kept in your memory as something isolated and meaningless. It doesn’t work memory, but what’s in it is retained better when connected in some way with other content. For example, Knowing the connection between the vectors and electrocardiograms may be of help.

I don’t like to study this. It’s horrible.

If your attitude toward study is negative or you think it is boring or dry, you won’t find the motivation to study anywhere. Therefore, you have to change your attitude. Have a positive attitude like something you’d have to really care about. The interest in something is also an attitude and your own choice and not something to appear or not. Aim your interest in what you have to study, looking for points of interest you may have.

I don’t know.

Do you really know? Have you understood it? Sometimes, you think yes, but to get to the exam, when you have to explain in your own words, you don’t remember, and you realize you can’t put it on paper. That is because you don’t learn well; you just thought you knew. To be sure, you can take a test or ask someone to take your test.

There’s too much to study.

Do not think you have to study it all together. Instead, you go step by step; start by focusing only on the first issue and make a study schedule and breaks.

I’ll be studying all night and morning and remember better.

If you think that having studied it a while ago, you’ll remember better, you’re wrong. The study should be followed by a rest period to allow the assimilation of the study. It’s best to not study anything the day before the exam; of course, you don’t leave everything to the end. Study a little each day and doa frequent review of what you have studied. As the exam day approaches, increase study time, but be sure to sleep well every night to assimilate what you have studied during the day.

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