Keeping Prostate Cancer Awareness Alive

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It is critical for all men to know that early detection and receiving treatment early enough with having prostate cancer can actually save your life. According to Zero Cancer, new research that has been conducted found that with receiving treatment earlier on in the prostate cancer stages can provide all men suffering from prostate cancer with a 100 percent 5-year survival rate. In addition, fortunately experts have also found that there is now a 98 percent 10-year survival rate. Getting diagnosed with having prostate cancer can definitely be damaging to the mind and body for any man. Not only are you being diagnosed with a disease that can possibly kill you, but you are also faced with having to undergo intensive treatment. More and more men are being diagnosed with prostate cancer in the United States. Sadly, a majority of men who are currently living with prostate cancer don’t even know it. This is why it is crucial to become fully educated and aware of the signs and symptoms of prostate cancer. Becoming aware and educating yourself on the signs and symptoms of prostate cancer can possibly one day increase your chances of surviving a diagnosis. 

The American Cancer Society has stated that in the upcoming year, there will be an estimated number of about 174,650 newly diagnosed prostate cancer patients. There will also be a saddening number of about 31,620 men who will die from their battle with prostate cancer. Statistics show that there is about 1 and 41 men who will end up losing their lives to prostate cancer. However, there are statistics that also show that there is a high percentage of men who are currently living with prostate cancer. When you compare today’s medical technology from decades ago, more and more men are able to see light at the end of their tunnel. There are more men that are being proactive in there health and catching these diseases early. Fortunately, there are many different types of tests that can be done to catch this disease early enough. You just have to make effort to reach out to your medical professional to be a part of it. 

Fortunately, men are able to become fully aware and educated of the signs and symptoms of prostate cancer to catch it early enough. Some of the signs and symptoms of prostate cancer include having the need to pee frequently, having a interrupted urine flow, the urge to urinate during the night without drinking plenty of water, blood found in the semen, blood found in your urine, erectile dysfunction similar symptoms, and pain or burning during urination. There are also a variety of different symptoms that one may experience when facing prostate cancer, which will differ among patients. This is why it is critical to visit with a specialist if you suspect the slightest symptoms. You may want to conduct some research yourself to learn more about prostate cancer symptoms bourbonnais il.

Keeping prostate cancer awareness live is crucial to all men. If you are an individual who has been newly diagnosed, you may want to consider reaching out to your close friends and family members to educate them on the signs and symptoms of prostate cancer. Receiving treatment early and ahead of time can help you and those who you love survive the fight with prostate cancer.


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