Important Tests To Have Performed As A Woman

As a woman, it’s important to take care of your physical health. There are quite a few screenings that can be performed when you visit your doctor, some that are performed at various ages while others are done routinely throughout the year. Once you learn more about these screenings, you can better prepare for your visit by talking to your doctor about any health issues that you’re experiencing at the time. 

When you make an appointment for a Womens Health Screening starkville ms offices offer, there are a few things to keep in mind. Make a list of any concerns that you have so that the doctor can perform essential tests for those issues first. Take a list of the medications that you’re currently on for the doctor to see. Sometimes, the medications that you’re taking can give your doctor a good insight as to some of the issues that are going on in your body or that should be addressed. 

One of the first things that the nurse will do when you get to the office is to check your blood pressure. This is an important number to keep in mind as it could indicate high stress levels or other concerns that you can do something about before you have a heart attack or a stroke. Lab work will likely be ordered so that the doctor can review your blood counts. An important number that your doctor will usually look for is your cholesterol level. You should try to have your cholesterol screened about every five years unless you know that your levels are high. The numbers can often be an indication that you are at a greater risk for heart disease. 

Although it’s not the most comfortable test to have performed, a Pap smear is important to have at least once every three years. The test can determine if there are abnormal cells that can lead to cervical cancer, if you have HPV, or if there are any other issues with your reproductive system that need to be further examined and or treated. A mammogram is another test that isn’t comfortable at times but is just as important as other screenings for women. This is a test that can detect breast cancer or tumors that need to be biopsied to determine if they are cancerous. 

A blood glucose test can be performed to determine if you are a borderline diabetic or if you have diabetes. It’s a simple test that only requires a few hours out of your day as a full test will usually include drinking a special beverage and having your blood drawn once an hour for about three hours. A shorter test can be performed as well that involves a small blood sample that is taken before you eat anything for the day. 

As you get older, a colon cancer screening is a test to consider. You usually don’t need to have this test performed until you’re about 50, but it can detect early signs of colon cancer. A skin examination is beneficial as well as this can detect melanoma and other issues that could lead to skin cancer.

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