Why is Strength Training Important?

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When most people approach a weight loss goal, cardio is the 1st method of action considered to tackle that tough fat. To some, lifting weights is only for gigantic bodybuilders or those looking to get extremely strong; this could not be further from the truth! Strength training is integral to any fitness regime and it has a number of benefits useful to a wide variety of individuals. Our bodies diminish with time and lean muscle mass is unfortunately not an exception, so strength training is important to everyone, not just those with high intensity fitness goals.

Benefits of Strength Training on The Body

The two most obvious benefits of strength training, muscular hypertrophy (muscle size) and maximal strength, are known to most. However, there are a host of other benefits that strength training provides to us, both mentally and physically!

  • Metabolic function: One of the main goals of strength training is to preserve or increase the level of lean muscle mass on your frame. While this has obvious physique benefits, an increased level of lean muscle mass also demands an increased metabolic function! Basically, the more lean muscle you have, the harder your metabolism has to work each day; this results in more calories being burned daily.
  • Chronic ailments: conditions like obesity, heart disease, diabetes and arthritis are debilitating and result in a lower quality of life. A balanced strength training routine can help lessen the symptoms of these conditions and help the individual manage their condition better.

It does not take much for a newcomer to get started on their fitness journey. Aim for small steps and build the habit slowly. When starting off, a simple 3 day, full body split, spending roughly 30-45 minutes is more than enough to access all of the above benefits!

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