Essential fashion tips for curvy girls

If you are a curvy girl, it is better to wear the size you actually are and choose styles that accentuate and flatter your figure rather than trying to hide it. Here we look at essential fashion tips for girls with a curvier figure.

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A recent story in Metro has highlighted the problem that women of all sizes have when it comes to clothes. The sizes offered by clothing retailers vary massively, so in one shop you might be a size 14, while in another you might have to buy a size 16 or 18. This can cause negativity about body image and is not at all helpful.

Wearing the right clothes

Choosing clothes that fit properly is vital. Rather that picking something that is bigger than you need it to be, choose clothes that are your size (trying on in different stores is vital for this) and pick outfits with flattering fabrics and cuts. Tops that fit properly are important and layering can create a more flattering shape.

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What styles should you be wearing

Several things should be in your wardrobe. A-line skater dresses can be very flattering, whether they are in plain colours or patterned fabric. Teamed with trainers or baseball shoes, this is the perfect outfit. Necklines on tops that are V-shaped, are the most flattering for those with a curvier figure. If you prefer something more formal then a kurta teamed with cigarette pants is a great combination.

All about the detail

Women with curvy figures often steer clear of patterned fabrics, however, some prints can make your waist look slimmer or even make you look taller. Shirts in pastel colours are a great wardrobe addition for summer, although you may need to purchase them in a size bigger than you would normally wear. You could even try Prom Dresses such as those from for a more floaty feel. Belts, as long as they are not too tight, can also be flattering as they create a more defined waist and can make you look slimmer.

Here we have tried to provide some useful advice on the best way to dress if you have a curvy figure. So, if that’s you, then hopefully some of this was helpful and will enable you to dress with style and confidence for the body and figure that you have.

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