Certain Promotional Products For Dealing With The New Normal

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With COVID 19 outbreak, the world came to a halt and people have started accepting the new normal. People are dealing with practical solutions for making life easier and safe. Businesses have started creating new categories in their business for inspiring people to follow them. From branded masks to waterless sanitizers, businesses are making use of all.

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Various Promotional Products

  • Branded face masks

These face masks are for helping the staff from spreading the disease and commute social distancing in the workplace or even when you are in a crowded place. Face coverings are becoming a priority everywhere. There are so many varieties of face masks so, view it with peace and then back to business.

  • Promotional products related to social distancing

Social distancing has become important for stopping the spread of the disease. Many companies are following that and brands are investing in many things from sanitizers to floor markings for ensuring the best practices.

  • Postable promotional products

Now, you might not come in direct connect with customers but you might be touching them through the medium of post. When you are in the delivery business, be careful about the sanitization part, and keep carefully chosen merchandise and each item must be sized to be delivered through the letterbox. No contact delivery is what is in continuance now.

  • Promotional products for showing gratitude

Send all the customers an occasional “thank you” note for helping you even in times of COVID 19. Let them know that you are appreciating the loyalty of your customers and you are happy with their decisions. You can put practical products or even day to day luxe gifts for making them feel special.

  • Promotion during contactless deliveries

If you have recently started with an online delivery app or keen to keep off your usuals as safely as possible, then you can take printed bags or t-shirts with the social distancing messages that will delight the customers for creating long-lasting brand awareness as well.

  • Trade shows and virtual meetings

With the customers getting used to the “New Normal”, conducting meetings have become virtual with communication platforms like Google Hangouts, Zoom, etc. You have to represent your items virtually so be confident enough in giving your promotional speech. It can be anything from USB sticks to promotional banners.


Waterless sanitizers are the in thing now containing about 60% alcohol and effective in fighting off germs. It mixes with the alcohol and less harsh ingredients like rosemary and aloe vera. With COVID comes the new normal, so promotional products are getting popular. It makes people conscious of the situation going on.

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