The Numerous Benefits of Beta Glucan Supplements

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Beta glucans are important for naturally boosting the immune system. This helps the body remain healthy because it is optimized to fight infections and diseases. Beta glucans are not naturally produced by the body and can only be found in supplements and certain foods. This includes baker’s yeast, cereal grains and shiitake mushrooms. The issue with receiving enough beta glucans through food intake is the amount of these foods required to achieve a sufficient amount. Beta glucan supplements trigger responses in the body that assist in regulating the immune system. This helps bind viruses and tumors by stimulating lethal white blood cells. 

Consuming oats has been associated with good heart health for many years. This is partially due to the soluble fiber beta glucan. The United States Department of Agriculture conducted a study regarding the results of diets high in beta glucan. The study consisted of men and women with slightly high levels of cholesterol. After consuming a beta gluten extract for five weeks their cholesterol was significantly reduced. The participants receiving higher levels had an even more significant decrease than those given the lower levels. For additional information please visit here

Every year there are roughly 560,000 deaths caused by cancer. Researchers have been searching for anything to help fight cancer for decades. Beta glucan is believed to help with the side effects caused by cancer treatments and help decrease the activity of cancerous tumors. A study was conducted by Teikyo University in Japan regarding the effects of a type of beta glucan called lentinan on cancer. This study revealed lentinan does contain anti-tumor properties and is capable of suppressing the development and formation of tumors. 

Beta glucan has also been shown to help fight bacteria’s and viruses resistant to antibiotics often leading to upper respiratory infections. Research was conducted in Boston, Massachusetts on rats infected with bacteria resistant to antibiotics. The rats were given a specific type of beta glucan. This decreased the death rate of the rats. Beta glucan has also been shown to be beneficial to traveler’s diarrhea. This makes the body less susceptible to the condition. For more details please visit this site

Even the common cold is affected by beta glucans. Individuals with a high intake missed less days of work when they had a common cold. A study was conducted in Montana regarding the effect of beta glucans on upper respiratory infections. Firefighters were chosen for the study by scientists due to their regular encounters with fumes and smoke. The firefighters were given either a placebo or a supplement containing beta glucan. They were instructed to write down any symptoms including sore throat, stuffy nose, sneezing, coughing, headache, fever, fatigue, aches and pains, chest discomfort and weakness. The group taking the supplement has 23 percent less issues with upper respiratory infections than the group taking the placebo. 

Beta glucans are not capable of completely eliminating all diseases. This being said, research has proven when beta glucans are added to the daily intake the body is more capable of driving out numerous infections, bacteria and diseases.


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