My Wife Got Me to Go to the Dentist

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My wife brought me to the dentist last week, and I found out some pretty serious news about the state of my teeth. I’ve had trouble chewing solid foods lately, but I never anticipated having to get braces this late in life. I had braces on my teeth when I was a teenager, so I know what to expect already. It was easy to have braces as a youth because everyone else my age had them. However, as an adult I’m worried that I’ll get a lot of strange looks when I walk into work with braces in my mouth. 

The dentist and my wife assured me that everything will be fine, and I won’t need to have the braces on too long. I hope the braces work to correct the problems with my mouth before the holiday season. I’ve been advised to set up an appointment with the orthodontist recommended by my dentist. Finding a good orthodontist nunawading is the first step to recovering the perfect smile I had as a young man. I’m excited to be able to eat normally again, and I can’t wait to impress my wife with a beautiful smile once again. 

Going to the dentist was never easy for me after I got my braces off. I went every year as a child, and then I got the braces when I was a teenager. After I got my braces off I wanted to steer clear of the dentist and orthodontist forever. I was wrong to react so harshly because I could have prevented the problems that resulted from neglecting my dental hygiene. I brush regularly, but I don’t like to floss. I should have known that chewing hard candies all the time would result in the need to get braces on my teeth once again. 

The dentist says that my bite is not aligned. This could be caused by the types of hard foods I’ve been eating that require a lot of work to chew through. Also, I tend to grind my teeth in my sleep, which does horrible things to their alignment also. When I get my braces and find my teeth aligned, I’ll likely have an easier time chewing through foods. I’ll have to make sure not to eat tough foods after the braces are off because I don’t want to go through this over and over again. 

In addition to getting the braces to correct my bite alignment, I’ve decided to floss regularly. The dentist advised me to start flossing as a habit. But I won’t be able to floss once the braces are put on my teeth. Once they come off my teeth, I’ll be sure to floss at least once each day. Flossing removes tartar build up that causes plaque and gum disease. I want to live a long and healthy life. Part of being healthy is keeping your mouth clean and keeping your teeth in working order. I’m grateful for my wife convincing me to visit the dentist.


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